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Snow Storm

As a big Nor'easter approaches... I wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming snow storm! I for one am hoping school is canceled tomorrow, but not at the cost of losing power. After Sandy and what happened last year, I don't think I can bear another week or so of power loss.

What I'm hoping for is a nice long weekend curled up at home where it's warm and cozy with a pile of good books. So, what are your favorite books to read during storms?


Stephanie Ingrid Sarah Kristan said...

Ah, stay safe!

THIS IS NOT A TEST is a good book to read when you're stuck somewhere, hehehe.

Also, anything by Stephanie Perkins. And Rae Carson will absolutely transport you to another world.

Janeal Falor said...

I have to agree with Stephanie that Rae Carson is fantastic at transporting you to another world. Other wise anything rommancy with some humorous books thrown in. Good luck with the whole no school but keeping the power on!

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