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8 Facts of My Week (6)

1. Someone googled "Should bald heads be buttered?" and got to my blog. I'm not sure which is more concerning, the fact that someone would search that or the fact that they got to my blog that way.

2. I finally got all my Christmas shopping done! I managed to get all the people on my list gifts at one mall, which was great, although I may need to get one more thing because I realized too late that the gifts I got for two equally close friends are unbalanced. (I got one a relatively big elephant plushie and the other a bracelet, not immediately noticing the rather large discrepancy because the bracelet was over-priced and the plushie had like 100000% reduced price.)

3. I have achieved my lifetime goal: to listen to 2 AM at 2 AM. (2 AM being an amazing Korean boy band, who I happen to be listening to as I write this.) Friday night, I was sleeping over at a friend's house, and instead of considering the fact that I had a math competition on Saturday, we stayed up all night talking and listening to k-pop. (My school, which is pretty much 105% Asian kids, has turned me into a k-pop fan despite the fact that I'm not even Korean.)

4. On Tuesday, I spent most of the day freaking out about a speech I had to give in a public speaking class on - wait for it - unicorns. UNICORNS. When I first got the speech topic, I thought it was the most awesome thing in the world, but then you start to realize that it's absolutely frustrating to be up at one in the morning, eyes practically bleeding from the effort it takes to keep them open, reading a ridiculously colorful site about unicorns. In any case, I was incredibly nervous, but I managed to build up the strength to walk to class.

Just as I had one of those movie-type moments where you realize that all you can do is try your best so you shouldn't worry because it won't help you at all, where you realize the world is a wonderful place filled with rainbows and smilies and unicorns (especially unicorns), and that everyone is beautiful and perfect in every single way (YES EVERY SINGLE WAY) - and my teacher was absent.

5. A chemistry lab murdered my grade at the very last week of the grading period of first trimester (which sent me from an A to a B+), and sent me into spirals of nail-chewing, bubble-wrap-popping, wall-clawing anxiety. At the very very very last moment, however, we got back another graded lab, which I did surprisingly well on, and my grade un-suicided, going right back to an A (barely, but still.)

6. Why is it that so-called teen classic movies never go over well with me? I hated Clueless, and The Breakfast Club wasn't much better. (I fail to understand why you would commit suicide because you got a B. I have to be among the most neurotic people in the world when it comes to grades, but I wouldn't suicide over a B.) Juno had funny moments, but I didn't like it very much either. Pretty much the only one I actually really liked was Mean Girls, but I don't see how it's possible to NOT love it.

7. I discovered that I have an amazing ability to lose not just pencils and pens but flash drives. For the past few weeks, I've restocked my pencil case nearly every weekend only to find it completely void of writing utensils by the end of the week. Even worse, my flash drive with Super-Important Fancy Information keeps getting left behind. I've been lucky thus far because of friends/teachers rescuing it for me, but I just know one day I'm going to drop it somewhere and it'll end up as a pile of ashes five miles beneath the surface of the earth.

8. I decided to end with some eye candy for you :) (An apology to any males who feel excluded!)

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Julia :) said...

Okay so I actually googled "Should Bald Heads Be Buttered" when I read this just to see if it would actually lead me to your blog. And yes, there was a link to your blog on the first page. Its to your review of Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. I pretty much died laughing. Oh and thanks for the eye candy. Asian boys? Yess.... ;)

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