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Not a bad week :)


The Princess of Las Pulgas by C. Lee McKenzie. After Carlie's dad dies from cancer, her family begins to have financial trouble. It gets so bad that they have to move from their nice, suburban town Channing to dirty, poor, urban Las Pulgas ("the fleas"). Everything is different, from their tiny apartment to their new school filled with a way tougher crowd. Carlie's grief and distress is mistaken for aloofness by her classmates, and so one of the students nicknames her "Princess". In this new city, nothing is easy - nor is it as it seems. I've already started reading this one, but I was quite excited to receive it! It was published on the 15th, but it's an ARC! The first one I've ever gotten!


Right Behind You by Gail Giles. When he was nine, Kip set another child on fire. Now, after years in a juvenile ward, he is ready for a fresh start. But the ghosts of his past soon demand justice, and he must reveal his painful secret. How can Kip tell anyone that he really is--or was--a murderer? This book sounds intense and fascinating, and I'm eager to explore a character as complex as Kip must be.

Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter. Polly Martin decided to swear off boys after a long line of dating failures in junior year, and just figure herself out over the summer. Her grandmother, a famous love advice columnist, moves in with her, except turns out to be a man-crazy sexagenarian! Soon, Polly finds herself unable to stop falling for Xander, a skateboarder. Things get complicated further when she goes on a camping trip with three too many ex-boyfriends and Xander, and she's finally forced to face her emotions. This seems like a cute and interesting read, and besides, skater boys? That doesn't even need to be questioned.

The Space Between the Trees by Katie Williams. This story was supposed to be about Evie how she hasn't made a friend in years, how she tends to stretch the truth (especially about her so-called relationship with college drop-out Jonah Luks), and how she finally comes into her own once she learns to just be herself but it isn't. Because when her classmate Elizabeth "Zabet" McCabe's murdered body is found in the woods, everything changes and Evie's life is never the same again. This book has a gorgeous cover; you can't tell from the picture, but those branches stick out a little bit, so it looks really neat. The synopsis wasn't very detailed, but it still sounds like an intriguing, albeit creepy, read that I'm excited to start!

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June by Robin Benway. Three sisters, April, May, and June, all regain powers they had in childhood when their parents divorce, and these come in handy for high school. April can see the future, May can literally disappear, and June can read minds. But when April gets a vision of disaster, the girls come together to save the day and reconcile their strained family. They realize that no matter what happens, powers or no powers, they’ll always have each other. Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood. I think the cover for this one's really cool, and while I'm a bit hesitant to read a paranormal, this seems to be different from many of the werewolf/vampire/angel/fairy books I don't enjoy as much.

Matched by Allie Condi. I don't think anything even needs to be said about this one! ;)


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