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Foreign Covers: Pretty Little Liars

I've never really seen any of the Pretty Little Liars foreign covers, so I decided to examine those editions of the first book.

On the left is the classic US hardcover. I'm not really a fan of this one, especially because the Barbie doll on the front was exactly what deterred me from reading this series for so long. The curlicue font for the title is pretty neat, though.

In the middle, we have the US paperback. This is a lot better than the first one because it's a bit creepier and matches the tone of the book pretty well.I'm not sure how much it would grab my attention, but it's pretty good!

The old UK cover is on the right. I wouldn't be ashamed to carry it on the bus but I think it's too tame for the story and doesn't really give you any idea of how the creepiness inside. The girl's crossed fingers are cool, though.

The French cover is the one on the left, and I don't think it's the first in the series but that was all I could find. This one borrows heavily from the US editions that I believe have either this picture of a very similar one on their backs. Not a fan, as I said earlier.

The Belgian cover in the middle is quite a bit different, with its stripes and bleached out, sketched versions of the girls. I think it's interesting, but it looks rather old and wouldn't grab my attention.

Finally, the Thai cover is on the right. I don't like it at all, and it would probably make me really not want to read the series. It looks almost like middle grade to me for some reason, and definitely doesn't portray any of the creepy happenings of the book.

The Verdict: The US paperback cover is really the only one I remotely like.

So what do you guys think? Which are your favorites and least favorites?


LindsayWrites said...

i think the covers are WAY too prissy and clean! the newest US cover is the best! i didn't want to read these for the longest time b/c the covers were so "6 year old" ish lol. but the books rock!

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