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Organizing What You Read

I've been thinking recently about my huge reliance on Goodreads for organizing the books I read. It provides a convenient way to sort all the books in my life into neat categories of "read", "to-read", and "currently-reading", as well as the customizable ones like "to-review".

I don't think I could possibly sustain this blog without the Goodreads shelves. How else would I know what I need to review next, or what book I should pick up from all the ones I want to read? Of course, I could always make a list on paper or type one up on a document, but I certainly don't want to list out all 504 books on my to-read list, not to mention the lack of a search feature to find all the books whose titles I can only remember a word or two of.

How do you organize what you read?


Annette said...

I actually have a handwritten list of all my review books with the date they will publish. I don't know why having this physical list on my desk is better than electronically, but it is. I leave space between the entries, so if I get a new book, I can add it in the proper spot. Other books, I like having a the physical copies stacked in "kind of" the order that I'm going to read them. Ebooks are the hardest -- I just have to keep reviewing what I have so I don't forget about them. I do have priority lists on my Kindle, though (ones to read first, and later...) It's complicated and I'm sure there are easier ways, but it's what I do for now and it works.

Kathy Martin said...

I use LibraryThing to organize most of my books. I added in all of my books via their cute little barcode scanner. It makes it easy to put books in collections. I know GoodReads does the same thing but I found LibraryThing first.

I do use Goodreads for my currently reading stack and take part in their challenge because of the nice widget for my blogs.

I also have a Google Docs spreadsheet for my review books so that I can see what I should read next and what books I have for review.

We Heart YA said...


Also, we use Collections (folders) on our Kindles, and stacks of books by our bed. ;P

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