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Cliches in Novels

It happens all too often: you're reading a book, getting steadily absorbed in a plot, and then realize, to your dismay, that it's exactly like a million other plots you've read before. Congratulations, you've found another plot cliche.

These kinds of tropes and cliches bother me perhaps more than they should. When I read a book, I want something new and different. It doesn't have to exactly revolutionize fiction, but it shouldn't remind me of every other book I've read in my life, either.

That's why I always love it when I come across a book that seems like it's going to plant itself smack dab in the middle of cliche-land, and then ends up being completely different. One example I can think of is Fair Coin by E. C. Myers - you think it's going to be a stereotypical "wishing" book but then whoa, plot twist.

What other examples can you think of?


Cheree Smith said...

I totally agree. I love finding those gems that think outside the square. There are too many novels out there that do seem familiar and it's refreshing to read something different.

Stephanie Ingrid Sarah Kristan said...

Ooo, we've heard some buzz about FAIR COIN. Glad to know you liked it and it wasn't stereotypical!

To be honest, we've been on the wrong side of this question more often lately. Meaning we are expecting something unique, and instead we get a Twilight ripoff or a Hunger Games wannabe. Sigh.

One series that we thought was pleasantly original was Suzanne Young's A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL and A WANT SO WICKED. It's about angels, but it's done in a completely different way than we'd ever seen. So, not our favorite series in the world, BUT it definitely gets originality points.

My anxious life said...

I can't think of a book title off the top of my head. But lately I feel like there are so many trilogies. Where are the stand alone books anymore? Also the love triangles. How many more of those do we need in stories?


Alaska Everfall said...

Books are generally stereotypical. Or maybe just the ones I've been reading.
Pan's Whisper by Sue Lawson is among my favourites, and I find it refreshingly original.
If you're looking for originality in things other than books, I highly recommend the television show Community. It takes everything we know (cliches, stereotypes, archetypes) and turns it into something COMPLETELY new.
Anyway, love this post. :) <3

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