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Cover Changes, Good and Bad

I've come across two cover changes, one that I approve of and one that... not so much. First, for the bad!

Here's the original:

I normally am not the biggest fan of covers with people on the covers, but I actually really like this one. It gives a sense of motion, and the cool typography is certainly eye-catching. I especially like the neat colors twisting in the back.

Here's the new:

No no no no no. There's nothing hugely wrong with this cover, but the old one was so pretty! I just don't feel like the new one properly conveys the darkness and intrigue that the first one does.

What's your thought on the cover change?


Stephanie Ingrid Sarah Kristan said...

Hm, we kinda like the new one... Visually it's just more appealing to us.

HOWEVER, we agree that it's less dark, and also it doesn't show us a character to connect with. Which is NOT a requirement -- but if there's no character, we'd like more signs of what the story is about, besides just buildings.

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