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Cover Love (4)

This week's pick is particularly gorgeous! Everyone, give it up for...

WATCHED by Sharde Richardson!

I mean, you have to admit, this is seriously the most gorgeous cover you've seen in a long while, right? Let's start with the model. Like many people, I'm rather tired of angst-ridden, partially covered, downward-looking faces, especially on paranormal covers. However, I think it actually really works here. It almost looks like she's defending or hiding herself from danger, which goes along awesomely with the sparkly, watery things on the left that are headed straight at her. The red hood works excellently as well, and I like how it sort of fades away in the bottom right corner.

Oh, and the sparkly, watery things? I don't know what they are but they're wicked cool. They provide all this awesome color and texture that really makes this cover. Somehow, they manage to be both magical and light as well as grunge-y, and it really, really works. (See, they're so amazing, they've reduced me to saying 'really, really'. Hear that? It's the sound of my critique partners crying.) 

Also, the colors are spectacular. Seriously. All that faint purple and blue and green makes me want to stare at this cover forever. Because that's right, I'm a creepy cover pervert. I stare at covers and think of how good the pages within must be. Perhaps this is an inaptly named feature that should be called "Cover Lust" instead. Or maybe this fever is just making me delusional.

So! What do you guys think of this cover? And cover lust in general?


David A. Bedford said...

Yes, but is the book any good?

Please visit my blog and leave a comment. Thanks!

Izzy said...

Good point :) However, I have this feature just to discuss the beautiful covers I come across as opposed to the book's content.

I'll be glad to take a look at your blog.

LReneeS said...

I love this cover so much! I would love for a cover like this when my book eventually gets published. Thanks for sharing with us, Izzy.

Izzy said...

As would I :] and you're welcome!

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