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More Spotlight, Please! (8)

This week, I chose to spotlight...

Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham! This one's about a girl named Carly whose boyfriend, Brian, dumped her. That's not her only problem, either - she also has to deal with her parents' break up too, and all her resentment from being pushed away by her dad in favor of his new wife's baby. So when one day Carly decides to take just a look at Brian's new girlfriend, her anger and sadness becomes channeled into finding out even more. Soon her little looks aren't so innocent and she finds herself unable to stop stalking them.

I like books that probe issues you wouldn't normally think about. For most people, myself included, stalkers are thought of as creepy people with sick, twisted minds, but this book wants to show that might not always be the case. That something like that could happen to anyone. I'm interested to find out what exactly drove Carly to the edge and if she was able to come back.

What do you think? Have you read this? Do you plan to?


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