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8 Facts of My Week (8)

1. I'm learning to use the SEM (scanning electron microscope) at school, and let me tell you, some of those images are absolutely gorgeous and fascinating and even a little bit scary. It's quite complicated to use, too!

2. The other day in lit class, when class started, only half of us were there. Our teacher waited a bit and finally, confused, started the class, still glancing periodically at the door to see if anyone magically arrived. When class ended, the other half filed in, looking around confusedly and saying, "Wait, does class start yet?"

3. Our school had an annoying pep rally yesterday. It basically consisted of watching as various sports teams were called up and then listening to their names. Every so often, some shirtless guys would come out and paint the letters of the name of our school mascot on their torsos and then run around shouting their letters so that we could learn how to spell. It was very instructional, I'm sure, although I wouldn't know seeing as I was reading during the whole thing.

4. After school, my bus is supposed to arrive before 4:10, which is when school officially ends. (I won't even get into how off-schedule it is in the morning, when it's supposed to come at 7:01.) I ended up having to wait in the rain for half an hour until it finally showed up. We have decided this was the Great Bus Mishap of 2011.

5. I have a limited number of texts, and an unlimited number of things I want to say. This can only end well.

6. I have been studying like crazy for the past while. There's this one program I want to get into, and the super-hard admission test is coming up in a couple weeks!

7. I am running out of things to say.

8. Uhh... I like ice cream.


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