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Distractions While Reading

I've been spending most of my lunch break at my internship hanging out at a nearby bookstore, reading. But one aspect of that bookstore that really bothers me is the music they have playing. I don't mind quiet music in the background, but the speakers are just by the reading area and it's loud enough to be distracting.

Generally, I'm all right with dealing with distractions, but it does take me a few minutes to slip into a state where I can concentrate on the book and not anything external. When I'm at home, though, the music definitely gets turned off when I want to read, especially since music I like is infinitely more distracting than pop music I can't stand.

What about you? How do you deal with distractions when you read?


Stephanie Ingrid Sarah Kristan said...

Like you, it sometimes takes us a while to get into the zone. Music isn't always a problem -- depending on the style and volume -- but erratic noises can be (like people talking, channel surfing, etc.). Mostly we try to tune things out; sometimes we go to a quiet place; if that's unavailable, we might try headphones (even if we're not playing any music).

Melody said...

I can read with pretty much anything going on, although it will take me longer to get into the book. But if I get to create my environment, the music definitely goes OFF. Unless it's, like, the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack or something equally chill. :)

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