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Expectations vs. Reality: Foreign Identity

Expectations vs. Reality is a feature here inspired by Small Review that will compare my expectations from a book cover before seeing the summary with the summary itself.

This week, I'm looking at Foreign Identity by Becca Campbell. 

This cover is obviously that of some sort of horror novel, from the blood-like font on the canvas to the ghostly hand reaching out, not to mention the creepy feel of the forest in the background. The canvas makes me feel like this is about an artist with a second, murderous personality who perhaps sometimes takes over while painting. This would also certainly explain the title.


From Goodreads:
Cold. Confusion. Fear. This is how it all begins.

Waking up without your memory in a cell and bound by chains is terrifying.

Two nameless strangers, a man and a woman, find themselves imprisoned together. With no memories of their own identities, let alone their captor and tormentor, escape is the only option. The pair faces a bizarre labyrinth of rooms and clues that confuse more than they explain. Every discovery only brings more questions.

Who captured them? Why were they taken? What does their captor want from them? What can the riddles mean?

Who are they?

Lacking allies and options, the duo must learn to trust one another. Mazes, puzzles, and even strange, lurking creatures force them to rely on their wits--and each other--for survival. But survival isn’t enough. They need answers.

Will the answers be enough? Will the truth bring them closer together, or drive them forever apart? Will discovering their identities finally bring them home?
Well, it looks like I wasn't that close after all. But can I just say that this summary sounds AWESOME?

What were your expectations when you saw the cover? What do you think of the actual summary?


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