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Cold Kiss: Review

Title: Cold Kiss
Author: Amy Garvey
Release Date: September 2011
Published By: HarperTeen
Pages: 336
Goodreads Rating: 3.77 stars

Review: Wren was so wild with grief when her boyfriend, Danny, dies that she uses her inherited powers to bring him back, but the boy who she now struggles to hide is only a shell of who he used to be. When Gabriel moves to town, he can sense that she has powers like him, and Wren finds herself falling in love with him. She can't turn her back on her boyfriend and what she did to him, and Gabriel is making her realize that she must fix the situation, even if it means breaking her own heart.

Let me just say that this is what paranormal lit should be like, not the over-done, cliché stories of vampires and werewolves battling it out in contrived love triangles. COLD KISS is written in lovely prose and tells a gripping story of how everything can go wrong because of one selfish choice, and while Danny is technically a zombie and Wren is technically a witch, this book is really about love and letting go and making the most difficult of choices.

Another thing that I really appreciated in this book was that the focus was far from being entirely on romance. Wren had struggles within her family, with her dad, who left them, and her mom, who's not always upfront about things. That said, I still didn't particularly like the romance with Gabriel. It developed rather quickly and somewhat out of the blue, which always irritates me in books.

Still, COLD KISS stands out in the paranormal genre to the point where I was hesitant to even describe this as a paranormal romance. Wren is a likeable, unique character with a strong, snarky personality and one bad choice in her past. The romance with Gabriel felt forced and I would have preferred it if they could have just been friends. Overall, though, I would recommend this beautiful novel to everyone, especially those who don't typically like paranormals.

I received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher. This is no way affected my review.


Grace @ Graced with Books said...

I have this one in my TBR pile. There have been mixed reviews so I am unsure on whether on not I am going to like it. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! Great review :)

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