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This week's question is: If you could write yourself into a book, what book would it be and what role would you play in that book?

Ooh, this is a tricky one. I love reading dystopian novels and the like, but I definitely wouldn't want to live in one because I'm perfectly content to live a life that doesn't involve the possibility of death in every chapter. Still, I'd want something that has an amazing universe, so I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter - but only the first book, before things get too scary. I'd like to try those jelly beans and butterbeer once and for all. :)

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Amy @ Books, College, and Other Random Things said...

Happy Friday!

Once again, another series I still haven't read. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

New follower.

Nimue said...

A quite sensible answer. Though this famous jelly beans seems to be a bit dangerous as well or do you want to taste frog or something like this?

I’m a new follower
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Natalie said...

Haha totally agree about only wanting to be in Harry Potter for the first book....I wouldn't want to have to deal with dark wizards and Voldemort either!

Bailey said...

Haha! Yeah, it gets pretty scary after the first Harry Potter. ;)

New follower. I love your blog name. Too cute! =)

Pam @ jellylovesbooks said...

Yay, butterbeer! I also answered Harry Potter for the FF question, and one reason why I chose it is that I want to try the butterbeer. :)

Steph: Short and Sweet said...

lol omg yes butterbeer is something I would looove to try! It sounds like something that would melt in my mouth :)

Cristina said...

New follower. HP is a popular choice. I have seen the recipe for butterbeer. I think I have it in an HP recipe book.

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