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Eve Tour: Character This or That (Caleb)

Here we have a This or That for Caleb from Anna Carey's fantastic novel, EVE.

1. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

2. Dogs or cats? Caleb has to compete with dog packs when he hunts, so he likes cats better.

3. Motorcycles or cars? Motorcycles are much easier for getting around in the wild, but he usually takes whatever he can get.

4. Movies or books? Movies. Books are everywhere, but it’s hard to find power and equipment to watch movies. If he did, Caleb would probably watch them for days…

5. Comedies or thrillers? Comedies.

6. Contemporary or fantasy? There haven’t been books published since the plague, so Caleb hasn’t read anything post-2021. He loves books that would be considered contemporary today though—they give him a window into life before.

7. Email or letters? If he could find a computer and power and a working network, Caleb would so much prefer email.

8. Coffee or tea? Tea. Even after raiding the storehouses, the boys never really figured out how to make coffee.

9. Candy or chips? Chips.

10. Sciences or humanities? Humanities.

11. Summer or winter? Summer. The winters are frigid in the dugout.

12. Pen or pencil? Pencils—it’s hard to find pens that haven’t broken/run out of ink.

The publisher is also kindly giving away a copy to one of you lucky people! This giveaway will be open for 7 days, and please note that if you win, it may take several weeks for the book to arrive because it won't be sent out until the tour is finished. Enter here!

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