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"Surrender" Cover Released!

Elana Johnson's POSSESSION now has a sequel - SURRENDER - and a gorgeous, gorgeous cover. Here they are, side by side!

Confession time: I still haven't gotten around to reading Possession (it's on my to-read list! I swear!) but I've always loved, loved, loved its cover.

While I don't think it's better than POSSESSION's, SURRENDER's cover is still absolutely gorgeous, especially with that beautifully colored bird. I'm so happy they're continuing the trapped symbolism, first with the partially frozen butterfly and now the bird in the open jar.

The only thing I don't like that much is the shadowing at the bottom of the cover because it wasn't done in the first, but that's just a small nitpicky thing.

What do you think of SURRENDER's cover? Is it better than POSSESSION's?


We Heart YA said...

Omg loooove it! WE too have always loved the Possession cover, and this is such a great partner to it.

I wouldn't say we like it better or worse... We agree that the shadowing effect doesn't match, so hopefully the final version doesn't have that. Also, the tilt of the ice cube in the first cover is so dynamic, whereas the jar is perfectly flat and thus a little static... but overall it's still a beautiful cover. She's so lucky!

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