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I Support Shine

Way back in March, I reviewed Shine by Lauren Myracle, and wrote about how much I loved it, and that made chords of sympathy strike harder when I heard about the NBA fiasco. If you're unfamiliar with that, here's a quick recap: SHINE was nominated for the National Book Award, but it turned out there was a miscommunication and they meant CHIME, and Lauren Myracle was asked to withdraw.

Like I said, I loved SHINE so it didn't surprise me in the least when it was nominated, but even when it was un-nominating and the ensuing uproar occurred, my opinion of it didn't change in the least. Because you know what? An award doesn't make a book better or worse. It's a beautiful story, and while I'm thrilled for all the lovely authors whose books won, all that matters to me is that I know SHINE is an amazing book and Lauren Myracle is an amazing author.

I support SHINE. The National Book Foundation didn't choose it, and that's okay. It's their decision, and the mistake they made was a horrible one, but nothing has changed. The book has not been invalidated, and I encourage all of you - every one of you reading this post - to pick it up if you haven't already.

Support SHINE.


We Heart YA said...

"An award doesn't make a book better or worse."

Very, very good point.

We haven't read Shine yet, but we support it too. It's an important story, no matter what happens.

Annette said...

I'm hoping this debacle will make Shine even more popular! If you hadn't heard about this book before, surely you have now. I agree -- you should all pick it up.

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