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Cover Comparison: Under the Never Sky

I haven't read this book yet, but it's sitting on my Kindle so hopefully I'll be able to soon! Either way, though, I've noticed two covers of it floating around and decided to do a cover comparison.

The first cover:

Well, there's only one way to say it: I love, love, love the background of the cover. The typography in the text (with all the neat colors inside the letters!) is gorgeous, and the awesome landscape with the glowing white lines and twisting sticks are really beautiful as well.

The model is great too, walking all powerfully in the cover. I like strong female protagonists, so this is a big thumbs-up for me.

The second cover:

This, I believe, is the UK cover, and well, er, it's not my favorite. The color scheme is all right (I prefer blue, but the glowing moon is pretty nice), and the girl looks great, but... well... I'm just going to come out and say it...

What's up with that guy? He looks scary, like he's about to kidnap her, and he's not wearing clothes, and honestly, it's just a big turn-off. I prefer my dystopian/fantasy/paranormal/what-have-you novels to have a romantic subplot, and here it is, dominating the entire cover.

What do you think? Which cover's your favorite?


Cialina at said...

Gah. Yeah not a fan of the UK cover either. It looks more adult to me than YA.

Katie DeKoster said...

Oh boy... that second cover is a little ridiculous. Reminds me of a paperback from the 70s you might find in the romance section of a used book store.

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