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Creed This-or-That List (Guest Post + Giveaway)

As part of the Don't Breathe a Word tour, the wonderful Holly Cupala has stopped by to answer some questions about Creed.

Thanks to Izzy for inviting me to your blog, and welcome to the Don’t Breathe a Word tour! (See the rest of the stops and chances to win books and swag at {Teen} Book Scene!)

Don’t Breathe a Word is Joy’s story—she must leave her suburban life behind for secret reasons and runs to the streets of Seattle, where she meets a group of homeless teens with secrets of their own…and Creed, a knight in shabby clothing who dreams of making it with his music. Love ensues…

So Izzy has asked Creed a few questions…

Coffee or hot chocolate?


From downstairs came the welcome odor of coffee. Coffee? I no longer questioned the wonders and comforts my new friends were able to conjure. I only hoped they saved some for me.

May and Creed were sprawled on the couch sipping from Starbucks to-go cups…
Pop or rock?

Music that speaks to people about truth and conviction. What’s real.

His soft voice, a strain of guitar music reached out like a hand pulling me into an embrace.

He knows the use of ashes…he makes her shine with ashes…

The words sent shivers down my spine.

Dogs or cats?

Well, at the moment, a ferret.

He grunted. “One pet is enough.”

“Someone has a pet? Who? A dog?”

Creed scowled and walked faster, past a dark park with a low chain fence. “No, not a dog. A ferret.” He said it with total disgust, in exactly the same voice my dad used when Jesse wanted to get a pet boa: There is no way I’m buying rodent dinner for anyone living in this house.

“A dog would be useful, at least,” he mumbled. “Instead, we’re tracking down cat food for an overgrown rat which smells like…”

I giggled, and he gave me an exasperated look. The idea of it astounded me, that this boy who could see right through people would spend his time finding food for someone…something else. I couldn’t see Asher doing that for anyone, ever.

Ice cream or cake?

Ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

I savored the last little bit of ice cream on my cone. His—salted caramel—had already disappeared. I wanted to ask him more, but he stopped short on the sidewalk and took my hand with the ice cream cone.

Slowly, he lifted it to his mouth. Closed his eyes. I wondered if he could feel my frantic heartbeat just by holding my hand. He took a taste and let out a sigh of pleasure.

Hiking or spending all day on the Internet?

I spend a lot of time hiking around the city, but my real love is the ocean.

Creed took another bite of his sandwich. “There was this horse I used to know. Callisto—named after a nymph of Artemis.”

“Goddess of the hunt,” I supplied.

“Yes. She was so beautiful—honey-colored, with deep black eyes. She used to love to run on the beach, except she’d always pull toward the water. Over and over again, this would happen. I took her out to run on the beach, and she would try to gallop straight into the ocean.”

I realized I wasn’t even eating anymore, didn’t feel the cold—only the rhythmic gallop of a horse named Callisto. “So what happened?”

“One day I let her.”

Classic novels or modern?

May and Santos are bigger readers than me, but Santos keeps telling me to read On the Road, by Jack Kerouac.

There wasn’t much to do, alone in the house. May and Santos had stacks of library books in their room—A Brief History of Time, Dragon’s Keep, Speak, Crime and Punishment. May had finished reading Little Women and was on to Mansfield Park. Santos had The Oxford Companion to Greek Mythology, opened halfway and splayed across the blankets. They were remarkably well-read, I thought, for being homeless.

Sweet or salty?

Mmm. Salty. See above.

Thank you, Izzy, for inviting me to stop by, and don’t forget the Words Have Power video contest—details here! Plus there are lots more chances to win books and prizes throughout the DBAW tour. I hope readers love Don’t Breathe a Word!


Thank you, Holly, for stopping by! Find Don't Breathe a Word on Goodreads or pre-order it from Amazon! There's also an amazing giveaway going on. Here's how it works:

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Melody said...

Ooooooh, I want to read this! The writing made my heart beat faster, and I wanted the story to continue. Definitely going on my TBR list. :)

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiner's Book Blog) said...

This or that posts are a lot of fun.

Makayla said...

I really want to read this book:

Vivien said...

Such a fun post! Thanks again :)

holly cupala said...

Thank you so much, Izzy, for hosting me! And thank you to readers for all of the comments - I hope you love the book!

Kara D. said...

Love the interview :D Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I so want to read this. I've heard nothing but good things about this and loved Holly's first book.

melannie (: said...

Hiking or spending day on the internet? I MEAN. Creed is too much of a hero, he would never waste his time on a computer I think. Even if he had one.

Thanks for the interview, it was fun!

IdentitySeeker said...

It's great getting to know Creed better. I love his sense of humour! I feel like reading On The Road now:)


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