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How to Make a Villain Evil

Naturally, this is a problem that occurs every day. You have the perfect villain. Or... an almost perfect villain. You're just missing the key little details that makes the villain super-duper-awesome in his evilness. For example, Stephenie Meyers did a great job of making her villain evil. There's a picture of him at the right. Oh, oops, was that not the bad guy in the series? I just Googled "scary stalker man in twilight" and that came up.

Here is a list of ten attributes of perfect evilness you can add to make your antagonist convincingly antagonizing because these are obviously completely believable traits that are all undeniably evil:

1. When eating oatmeal cookies and some raisins drop onto the plate, he doesn't eat those poor, lonely raisins. 

2. He sparkles.

3. He enjoys playing Robot Unicorn Attack with the purpose of crashing the unicorn into cliffs, rather than the true purpose, which is to have the unicorn fart rainbows while not getting poked by stars.

4. He is not a follower of this blog, but is reading this post anyway.

5. He is a follower of this blog but never comments.

6. He laughed while reading "The Glass Castle".

7. He laughs when people tell him that they're unpublished, unagented writers.

8. He doesn't think that the fact that 50% of people in the world have a certain parasite in their brain is cool.

9. He changes Asian people on book covers to white people.

10. His internal organs glitter.

What traits do you think  make characters evil? Add on to this list in the comments!


Melody said...

Well, I am obviously not the villain. :)
Unfortunately, I can't think of any snarky attributes of a villain, though!

Izzy said...

Glad to know you're not villainous xD

Girlinbetween said...

that is a PUUURRRRFFFECT villain

Izzy said...

Yes, I found him right outside my window! (You're referring to Eddie, right?) I knew I should have told my parents to change my name from Isabella when Twilight came out.

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