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Shiny Giveaways

Please don't enter any of these? :D I've only ever won one giveaway (a little one), and the feeling of a shiny prize gave me the happies. Anyway, here we go!

Big Honkin' Contest

Halo and Paranormalcy


How Extraordinary

Mega Contest

All In

Summer Celebration

Shadow Hills

Summer Stuff

Win Booksies!


Sunny said...

Haha I didn't enter. :) I enter one every once in a while, but there's always too much disappointment when I lose. Good luck!

Izzy said...

xD Thanks. I'm addicted to receiving free stuff. Like, I'm an atheist and I accepted a free pocket Bible from this guy standing outside our school. :P

sarah s said...

thanks for the comment! i just started reading birthmarked this morning; so good! i haven't heard too much about whisper, so it's good to know you really liked it. thanks again for checking out my blog!

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