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8 Facts of My Week (3)

1. Little kids are very strange creatures. I'm sure I was never one.

2. At the math competition I volunteered at, I was told to direct traffic in a parking lot for two hours. Guess how many cars came? None. Guess who was so bored, she ended up playing football? What? No, it wasn't Madonna, it was me. I played football. With a water bottle. In a parking lot. And I didn't know the rules at all. They tried to explain them to me, but they were extremely confusing.

3. I spent two weeks being extremely nervous about a speech I had to give in a public speaking class. When the time finally came, I was the very last person, so everyone was bored and inwardly groaning as I stepped up to the podium. My speech was meant to be funny, but I had these horrible visions of people staring at me, stony-faced, throughout the entire thing. Finally, I took a deep breath and started. To my surprise, the first line - which wasn't even meant to be funny ("I believe in procrastination, the art of getting everything done, just sometime later") - made everyone burst into laughter. I still don't see how anyone could find my speech funny, but I blame it on too much sugar.

4. It's funny, the people you become friends with. The ones you think are weird or mean turn out to be friendly and funny and nice, and the ones you think you'll be awesome friends with turn out to have nothing in common with you beyond that first epic conversation.

5. I was going to be a banana for Halloween, but apparently now my parents won't let me buy the costume because it's a "waste of money". Pfft. I'll probably end up wearing a cardboard sign that says "You're just jealous of my costume." My friends tell me this perfectly sums up my personality.

6. Babies are so cute, it should be illegal.

7. Scholastic Art and Writing Competition! I'm entering this year for short short story, and I've been polishing my piece like mad. The first draft of it exploded out of me in something like twenty-five minutes, but the next few drafts have been like tearing hair follicles out of your skin with duct tape. Repeatedly. The story's finally shaping up though, so I have hope!

8. Writing on hands is very handy. (See, that was the most wonderful pun you've ever read. I will never understand why my friends called an emergency meeting with me entitled, "IZZY, YOU ARE NOT PUNNY".)


Jen said...

I agree 100% with number 4. That has happened to me so many times...and I still find it happening!

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