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8 Facts of My Week (3)

1. Halloween came at my school yesterday and I had no costume. The 'rents apparently decided that buying an awesome banana costume would be a "waste of money" better spent on "useful things". Useful things? Is a banana costume not a useful thing, I ask you? On the bright side, I saw at least three people in that very same costume today, so at least I didn't look like I was copying anyone. I also got to explain to my homeroom teacher that I was dressing up as this awesome girl named Izzy ("I don't know, have you ever heard of her?") and that I'd stalked her and so perfectly matched her speech patterns and such. He told me I was special and gave me extra candy.

2. Halloween party tonight! This marks an important event in my anti-social life. As sad as it sounds, this might actually be the first time since fourth or fifth grade when I was invited to such a large social event. (And in fourth or fifth grade, that kid was forced to invite me to his birthday party.) I also managed to convince my parents to let me go (if you have traditional Asian parents, you'll most likely understand), so I won't have to mimic teen movies and sneak out of my window (which, actually, I would probably never dare to do because there is a spider web on my window screen and I am mortally afraid of spiders).

3. Yesterday, I accidentally punched my friend in a very unfortunate place. You all know of my agility and grace, so you can probably imagine how I did this while playing rock-paper-scissors with the girl next to him.

4. I discovered I have an incredibly disability to remember people's names. However, when I give them new names, I can remember those perfectly. It is now quite common for me to walk down a hallway and say things like, "Hi Best Friend #5! Hi Imaginary Friend! Hi Not-Rotund Fellow! Hi Raven Who Does Not Look Like Raven! Hi Claustrophobic Person!"

5. This year, I'm doing amazingly well in classes I thought were hard last year, and I'm struggling in classes I aced the previous year. My report card is probably going to look like: A, A, A, F, F, A, A, A, A. Isn't that lovely, now?

6. I really need to learn how to not be overly sensitive.

7. How did I not find this site before? I now have a new way to waste tons of time!

8. Best webcomic ever? Definitely a tie between xkcd and Buttersafe.


Teacher/Learner said...

I felt underdressed subbing a class yesterday--just a witch's hat that kept falling off :P Saw 1 banana, 1 Jelly Belly man, 3 nerds, 2 Marios, 1 Luigi, and 1 teacher not in costume (me).

Izzy said...

Haha, only one of my teachers dressed up, and he was Indiana Jones, with a whip and everything. There were so many people dressing up as nerds, but I go to a "nerd school", so it was hard to tell who was dressing up and who usually wears thick-framed glasses and too-short pants. At one point I complimented a guy on his costume and he looked at me blankly and said, "Huh? What costume?"

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