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What's Your Status?: Review

Synopsis: Madison MacDonald thinks things are finally working out!

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mad_mac         Nate and I have been together for two months, and it’s wonderful!  Life is good!

mad_mac         Well, except for the fact that I still might be failing history.

mad_mac         And I no longer have a BFF.

mad_mac         But aside from those things!

mad_mac         Okay.  So, um, apparently I’ve just been put in charge of the school’s priceless heirloom.

mad_mac         And the assistant headmaster has a vendetta against me.

mad_mac         And it seems I’m being blackmailed.

mad_mac         Gathering together a crew. I’m going to try and pull off a heist.  Without getting caught. Or expelled. Or arrested. 

mad_mac         Also, I think I may have just accidentally wrecked my relationship. . . .

Madison MacDonald is trying not to panic.

Details: What's Your Status? by Katie Finn, 368 pages, 3.47 stars on Goodreads

My Thoughts: I started reading this book without really knowing what to expect. I'd only heard the title mentioned and not any reviews, but it sounded like a neat book. I've always liked books that tie in technological thingies like Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, and so forth, so I thought this would be a nice one. Given the synopsis, I figured that this would be a fluffy, chick-lit book, and it was. However, even if it was fluffy, it was cute and funny.

The main thing I didn't like about What's Your Status? is that I had a lot of trouble relating to the main characters. I didn't care too much one way or another what happened to them, and at points, I had to drag myself through. I do have to say that I was able to get into it for relatively long periods of time. You know that slightly fuzzy feeling you get when you slip into a book for an hour or so? I was able to get that feeling with this one.

What's Your Status is an okay read - not something I'd recommend, but I wouldn't recommend you against it. 

Plot - 1.5/5
Characters - 1/5
Writing - 3/5
Impact - 1/5
Inability to put it down - 2/5

Overall - 34% = D


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