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The Versatile Blogger Award

I won it twice over the weekend, once over at Friendly Reader Oh Yeah and another time at Book Noise. Yay! Right, so here's how it works. First you thank
the person (or in my case, people) who gave it to you, then list seven things about yourself, and then pass it on to some other bloggers!

1) I'm a shy, introverted person although a lot of people wouldn't know it. I tend to be a lot more outgoing on the Internet, especially when I chat with people, because it's easier for me to interact that way when it's not face-to-face and you can always claim "afk" if things get too awkward. At my new school, I forced myself to stop being so shy and so that's how I've been making friends. They all think I'm always outgoing and excitable and somewhat insane even though social situations still make me nervous.

2) I love math. I have yet to meet a person who loves both math and writing to the same extents I do, but I hope to, someday. My school (a public magnet) has an amazing math team, and there's no other way I'd like to spend my Saturdays.

3) You know those stories I tell on my blog? Like the elevator one, or the story about archery? I actually have a whole repertoire of those that I tell my friends. Most of them are a lot funnier when I can actually say them face-to-face rather than through text on a screen.

4) I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Until the end of last year, I didn't see what was wrong with always wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants to school. Except now of course, that previous wardrobe seems completely hideous to me and I'm trying to slowly change it into something better.

5) I'm half white and half Asian, but culturally wise I'm more Asian (if that makes any sense at all). Most of my friends are Asian, actually, although that's probably more because of the nature of my school than anything else. I LOVE HEAF, but I do wish fewer of those actually applied to me.

6) I space a lot. I once had a class where I remembered walking in, walking out, and nothing in between.

7) I love laughing. I can laugh at anything. When something bad happens (like, for example, finding out that in a group project, the guy who was supposed to hand in the thing forgot to bring it), after that moment where everyone's silent, I usually burst out laughing. Every dirty look I've gotten in my life has come from that sort of situation.

And now, to pass on the award!

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