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8 Facts of My Week

(PS: Lots of pictures in this post. Hope you like them!)

1. Some of you may know that I started freshman year at a new high school about a month ago. It is absolutely wonderful. Everyone is ridiculously nice to the point where people leave their laptops charging in the halls and nothing gets stolen, ever. And, you know, I'm making friends. Always helpful, that. The problem is that as I'm making friends, some of my old friends are moving away. I mean, not literally. But people I used to be quite close to are now sort of distant, and I've only known my new friends for a month so I'm at this awkward stage where I don't have a lot of people to talk to.

2. Homework. I'm drowning in it. At the beginning of the year I was quite certain that I would be all super-organized and everything, but now I actually managed to have a late assignment not because I forgot to do it, or didn't do it, or left it at home or something. I brought it to class the day it was due. Our teacher announced that we all have to bring our assignments to a pile on her desk. I was scribbling down the next assignment in my planner, absent-mindedly taking my stapled papers out of my binder, and then walked up to my teacher to clarify something about the next homework. Satisfied, I walked back to my desk.

Put my planner in my bag. Opened my binder. Noticed some papers were loose and put them back in.

Including the assignment.

This is funny and depressing at the same time.

3. I caught a cold, along with everyone else at my school, except unlike everyone else, my voice is now all horrible and raspy. Guess who had to give several presentations and speeches? Very long presentations and speeches, I might add.

4. Not all was lost this week! I did get a very shiny new laptop that's all pretty and dark red (I wanted dark blue, but they were out of that color). It's very, um, tiny, and not quite set up yet (my dad - a computer technician - hasn't trusted me to do very much on any computer at all ever since The Vitamin Water Incident), but I'm sure it's wonderful all the same. At long last I will no longer have an excuse to be playing air hockey and ping pong and card games during my free periods instead of doing homework. (The laptop I'm typing on is too old to survive being at school without getting charged every twenty-six seconds.)

5. Yesterday was Hug A Short Asian day! Seeing as I go to a public magnet, the halls are filled with Asians, and where there are Asians, there are also short Asians. Just for kicks, I went up to all the tall Asians I know and said, "Hey, it's hug a short Asian day! You're short! You're Asian! Hug!" One of them was only half an inch taller than me and apparently very sensitive because he insisted on hugging me instead of me hugging him. I'm not sure what the difference is, but hey, I don't mind.

6. There are some truly awesome tissue boxes out there. Remember when I said I'm sick? This involved me raiding the house for tissues, and why would I use those boring blue floral boxes where I have a marvelous light green one decorated with adorable drawings of viruses? As I type this, there are round creatures and slug-like creatures and little froggy-jellyfish-things watching me with friendly smiles and googly eyes. I have a new appreciation for tissue box manufacturers.

7. There's a teacher at our school who, every morning, has the unfortunate job of greeting students. He stands in the hallway, swaying back and forth, and says, in the most doleful tone, "Good morning. Please make sure you have your IDs." At the end of that second sentence, his voice goes ever so slightly up, like he's asking a question - like he wants someone to say, "No! No, I will not make sure I have my ID!", just to spice things up a bit. I always feel so sorry for him, with his glassy stare and drooping head.

8. Speaking of IDs, I got mine recently. It's all nice and colorful, and then you get to the picture. The day they took the picture, of course, was the day when I was wearing one of those ratty old t-shirts I won in some math competition or other, with a lovely food stain right there near the collar. And my hair decided to go all flat and stringy and in my face, but not in my face enough to cover up my wide-eyed stare. I look stoned.

Incidentally, ID photos double as yearbook pictures. Wonderful, isn't it? :D

So how was your week? Did you get sick? Hug any short Asians? Had a terrible picture taken?


brave chickens said...

My week was pretty normal. Homework, an essay, reading lots of books. The only thing was I kept on falling asleep in class because it was the first week of school after term three holidays (spring vacation). My sleeping pattern had been totally messed up for my two weeks of holidays, haha :D

Izzy said...

Oh, gosh, I hate when I'm so tired and then I know I have to stay awake in class! One of my teachers has this voice that's so monotonous and tired, and even when I'm on caffeine, I have to struggle to stay awake. One of my friends actually slumped over, then slid out of his seat, and remained asleep even as his head thunked against the floor.

Teacher/Learner said...

Congrats on starting high school! LOL~ I had a teacher who relayed a story about spilling orange juice on his keyboard that made the keys stick :oD Hope you get over the cold soon. It's nasty to strain your voice when it's already bad.

Izzy said...

Thanks :) Yup, but luckily I have a nice three-day weekend to cool my voice down.

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