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8 Facts of My Week (7)

1. I was taking a math quiz yesterday, and it basically had one question: Graph this really scary-looking function. I took a deep breath and did my best, but kept getting the weirdest, squiggliest thing that definitely did not look right. My heart was pounding, and I kept envisioning the big fat 0 I was sure to get with this mess in front of me. At last I handed it in, hoping for the best. My teacher glanced down at my paper and said, "Oh, good, that graph is correct." Hooray squiggly graphs!

2. I swear, every time I take a shower the water's either icy cold or scorching hot. Why is there no perfect temperature in the middle? These are the great questions of life I find myself pondering.

3. Third trimester begins at school. I made a list of all the grades I need this trimester in order to have an A for the year. Some are pleasing (I only need an 85 in physics to maintain an A) while others are frightening (a 97 in lit?). It's pretty much impossible to get a 4.0 at the school I go to (I think I know of one person who did), but I still want to be pretty close.

4. In my nanotechnology class, we were looking at lotus leaves. Basically, if you look at them under an electron microscope, they have all these pointy little nanofibers. When a water droplet lands on them, it kind of balances on those points, so if you take  a beaker of water and a dropper and just drop the water beads (how many times have I said "drop" so far?), the water droplets (oh, there's another) BOUNCE. Like, legitimately bounce around on the leaf. HOW COOL IS THAT.

5. I'm very excited because on Monday, I start special sessions at school to learn how to use the electron microscope. I hope to get accepted to the school research program! Before I can use the microscope, I have to pass a safety quiz, so my teacher gave me some materials to look over. Did you know that you're not allowed to drink radioactive materials? Who knew!

6. Zhong zi is the best food in the world. Seriously. Randomly this past week I've been having such a craving for it. You take meat, sticky rice, and vegetables, and wrap it up in either lotus leaves or bamboo leaves, and then steam it. The result is so delicious.

7. In math, an exclamation mark means "factorial", and it means that if you have something like 5! (five factorial), it's equal to 5 times 4 times 3 times 2 times 1. On my quiz, my chemistry teacher put "100!", so I guess I got 100 times 99 times 98 times 97...

8. Someone mistook my locker for theirs, and put their combination lock on it. That was a pleasant day :P


Julia :) said...

Haha well I don't know why you would WANT to drink radioactive materials. Wouldn't that kill you?

OH MAN I LOVE ZHONG ZI!!!! SO DELICIOUS!!!! Great now I'm craving it. Haha. :P

Anonymous said...

That factorial thing was kind of interesting, even though I hate math! I used to love it...back when it made sense. It's getting WAYY too complicated now!

Can't believe someone put their lock on your locker!! Sounds hilarious, yet sad at the same time LOL

Lamia (The Book Eater) said...

Ugh. Math.
Ugh. Ugh.

... Ugh.

I've never had Zhong Zi. Now I'm curious about it. Hmmmm. *investigates*

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