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Mieradome: Review

Title: Mieradome
Author: Kate O'Hegarty
Release Date: November 2010
Published By: Author House
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 323 pages
Goodreads Rating: 3.16 stars

Review: Amavia, a young girl, has spent her whole life believing she's an ordinary human girl. But then she starts to have strange dreams and finds herself drawn to a different world, Mieradome, where magical creatures roam freely, and learns that she herself is a faery. Not everything is right in Mieradome, however - "the light" is missing, and it's up to Amavia and her friends to recover it. Things are never simple, and as Amavia meets dragons and other mythical beings, she finds that she must search not only for the light but her own identity.

The concept of this story was intriguing. I don't read a great deal of fantasy, so deciding to review this one was a step out of my comfort zone. Kate O'Hegarty painted a fantastical world, Mieradome, rich and vibrant with a slew of creatures, from dragons to faeries and everything in between. The cast of characters was varied and distinct, and overall, the plot had a great deal of potential.

However, I felt like MIERADOME wasn't executed as well as it could have been. The characters at times felt underdeveloped, and I wished that I could have gotten to know them better in order to entice me to read the following books in the series. I never really connected with them, and their thoughts and reactions sometimes appeared to be a bit too disjointed for my tastes.

I also wish the writing flowed a little better. This book was difficult to read, and description often bogged the pace down. I feel like things could have been a bit more polished - that would have made a big difference in the readability. Other than that, the world building, as I said, was impressive and the character names (especially Issy, since she has the same name as me, haha) were creative and fun. I would say overall that this book was okay, and might be enjoyed by fantasy and faery fans.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review. This in no way affected my review, which was 100% honest.


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