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Trickster's Girl: Review

Title: Trickster's Girl
Author: Hilari Bell
Release Date: January 2011
Published By: Houghton Mifflin
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 288 pages
Goodreads Rating: 2.88 stars

Review: In 2098, there still isn't a cure for cancer, as Kelsa knows all too well. What she didn't know about was the boy who appeared the night she had to bury her father. A boy who claimed that the reason for the planet's slow dying isn't just human foibles, but magic. And only she can help. The problem is, will Kelsa even acknowledge the presence of magic, let alone go on the wild trip Raven suggests?

This book was a mix of a lot of things - adventure, fantasy, and dystopian - so I had some trouble classifying the genre. I went with fantasy because that seemed to be the biggest element. Often while reading this I felt like the futuristic setting was unnecessary. Its only purpose seemed to be to have a place with the environment is in trouble, but seeing as this is the case for our modern world too, I don't see any reason why the book couldn't be set in our times.

I also had a lot of trouble getting into TRICKSTER'S GIRL. Kelsa was difficult for me to relate to, although I can't pinpoint exactly why. The plot and writing simply didn't grab me hard enough. One thing I will say, though, was that the magical element of the book was interesting. I applaud the author for being different and using Native American mythology; I found that to be a fascinating and original aspect.

All in all, this wasn't really the book for me. However, others who enjoy paranormal books but want something different but not too different might like to take a look at this one, as it has a lot of elements similar to paranormals while still being unique. Adventure and magic are the two strongest parts, so this may not be the one to pick up if you're firmly a dystopian fan. I didn't enjoy TRICKSTER'S GIRL as much as I wanted to, but I hope anyone else who tries it does.


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