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The Un-Put-Down-Able Factor

One thing book bloggers like to talk about in reviews is the so called un-put-down-ability of a given book. But really, what makes a book so good that you can't stop reading? It's different, of course, for each person, but here is a list of what makes something engrossing to me.

1. Suspense

This is the obvious one, I suppose, but not something to be overlooked while writing. It's natural to have some variation within the speed of a book - scenes with high action and then scenes with, perhaps, more emotional involvement.

However, it's still necessary that there is enough uncertainty and worry generated that the reader has to - no, needs to - know what's going to happen next, and that is what will keep the pages turning.

2. Humor

Not all books have elements of humor, but one of the surest ways to keep a person interested in reading more is funny narration or events or both. People in general like to laugh (I wouldn't want to meet someone who doesn't), and a funny book will keep them entertained, simple as that.

3. World-Building

This applies to more than just fantasy. A writer needs to craft a world that can completely suck in a reader and engross them in that place - and therefore the story.

So, what do you think makes a book un-put-down-able?


Julia :) said...

Definitely suspense and intrigue for me. Also if there is a big plot twist then that keeps me reading too mostly because I want to see how the plot twist fits into the story. :)

We Heart YA said...

"Tension" is how we like to think of what you're calling suspense -- maybe it's not a big thing (like someone about to fall off a bridge) but even between two siblings, or a teacher and a student, or a boyfriend and a girlfriend, you can have compelling tension/conflict that makes the reader turn pages.

Humor is a huge bonus -- even serious stories need to crack a joke every now and then!

And yes, world-building -- or believability -- is a MUST. That applies to characters too. We don't necessarily have to like them (though that's always a plus) but we do have to feel like they are real.

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