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Struck: Review

Title: Struck
Author: Jennifer Bosworth
Release Date: May 2012
Published By: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux BYR
Pages: 373
Goodreads Rating: 3.93 stars

Review: Mia Price is a lightning addict, and Los Angeles is one of the few places she's felt safe from her addition. That is, until a freak electrical storm causes an earthquake that destroys the city. Two cults rise to power, and both believe that she is the center of their opposing prophecies, the secret to the earthquake and to the powerful storm yet to come. As she questions who to trust and what to do, she begins to realize that she may have to release the full force of her power for the good of the city.

STRUCK begins with, well, a strike. More specifically, it crashes down on you with a jolting premise and an opening line ("My name is Mia Price, and I'm a human lightning rod") that is sure to grab anyone's attention. The concept itself of a lightning addict is intriguing, and it was fascinating to read about her strange addiction to being struck by lightning until her skin scars. I'm not so sure if I'm exactly eager to race out into the next thunderstorm, but the sense of wonder and otherworldly beauty of the experience was clearly conveyed to the reader.

The idea of cults were fascinating as well. It's not often that I get to read a book featuring one of them - let alone two! - so naturally this was a big selling point for me. It was scarily realistic to see the way so many people got sucked into them in the face of the great disaster and, for all intents and purposes, apocalypse they were facing, and there were definitely several scenes that made me shiver.

One aspect that I didn't like so much, however, were Mia's actions. For the most part she seemed to be perfectly intelligent, but on multiple occasions, she made some choices that were, well, a far cry from living up to that intelligence. I don't want to say what exactly I'm referring to in order to avoid spoilers, but if you've read the book, then you probably know which parts I'm talking about.

Overall, STRUCK was a fast-paced and intriguing novel with the twin fascinating concepts of cults and lightning addicts. Mia does make some dumb choices but remains a relatable character. With a deep look into the nature of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world, this book is for anyone who enjoys apocalypse without the clich├ęs.


Kristina said...

I just got a copy of this book this weekend but I hadn't heard too much about it. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Now I am excited to read it :)

Bookworm1858 said...

I am so excited for the cult aspect! That is actually the big hook for me, far more so than the lightning addiction. I'm really wondering how I will react to Mia as I've read a lot of mixed things about her.

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