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New Covers: The Mockingbirds

As you may know, the covers of Daisy Whitney's two books, The Mockingbirds and its upcoming sequel, the Rivals, have had a revamp. The original covers are here:

As a piece of art, I really like these covers. The simplistic but intriguing images work well, and I like what the bird and dog represent. At the bottom where the title is written, there's even a tribute to To Kill  A Mockingbird with the background, which naturally makes me like it that much more.

However, as much as I like the covers aesthetically, I don't feel they fit the book very well. Additionally, they wouldn't grab my attention very much if I saw them in a book store or something. Elegant, yes, but eye-catching, no.

Now here are the new covers:

(Sorry for the small size; I couldn't find a larger image.) Normally, I'm not much for faces on covers, but I LOVE these! The idea of scrawled writing on yearbook photos is very cool, and the dull-ish color scheme contrasted with brighter colors works beautifully. If I saw these, I would want to pick them up right away.

Which pair of covers do you like better?


Gracie said...

Ooh definitely like the second pair of covers better. I don't like the title font on the first pair. :P

We Heart YA said...

Definitely like the new covers better. They seem a lot more contemporary, and they give a sense of the tone of the books. It's not so much that the 1st set of covers is bad, just that they don't tell us as much as we would like about the story.

Julia :) said...

You might have seen my post about this awhile ago but if you didn't I'm definitely a fan of the new covers! The old ones are great but the new ones are a lot more eye-catching and design wise they're awesome. :)

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