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Wuftoom: Review

Title: Wuftoom
Author: Mary G. Thompson
Release Date: May 2012
Published By: Clarion Books
Pages: 256
Goodreads Rating: 4.00 stars

Review: Everyone thinks Evan is sick, but he knows the truth - he's transforming into one of the despicable creatures that secretly lives in the sewers, a Wuftoom. His metamorphosis leaves him confined to his bed for years, so alone and terrified that he strikes a bargain with the Vitflies, the sworn enemies of the Wuftoom. But when the bargain turns to blackmail and war is being threatened, he has to decide if clinging to his humanity is worth the decimation of the only family he has left.

I originally picked up WUFTOOM because the premise suggested a unique story, and true to its word, this story was brimming with brilliant concept. The plot was intriguing, and even when the characters didn't quite do it for me in places, I continued to read because this book inspired the need to know what happens next. However, although the concept was interesting and very original, I was disappointed with some of the finer points of the plot.

I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but there are several parts of the story where minor characters like Jordan, a boy who went to Evan's school, make dumb decisions that I was skeptical of real people ever making. These places interrupted the flow of the novel for me because they bothered me, and I wished that these events were more believable.

The ending also wasn't as good as it could have been. Mainly, I felt it was just far too easy and wrapped everything up in this nice little bundle without being realistic. It wasn't very satisfying either. Again, I don't want to reveal spoilers but it could have been a lot better if some alternate events occurred.

All in all, WUFTOOM had an excellent premise that drew me in, and the plot was gripping enough to keep me turning pages. However, the execution wasn't what I was hoping for, and there were some character actions that didn't make sense to me. The ending disappointed me as well. I will say, though, that the author seems to be quite a talented writer so I'll keep my eyes open for future releases by her.

I received a free copy of this book for review. This in no way affected my review.


We Heart YA said...

That's a shame. But we appreciate the honest review! And we do like the concept (and the cover). We're sure other readers would probably enjoy this book.

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