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Auto-Buy Authors

As you've no doubt gathered, this is a post about the so-called auto-buy authors - though for me, I guess they're more of auto-borrow-from-the-library-as-soon-as-possible authors. For those of you who haven't heard of this term, an auto-buy author refers to those authors whose books you will buy/borrow instantly, no questions asked.

I have a rather short list of true auto-buy authors, those whose books compel me so much that I would fight my way through seven feet of steel to get to them. The number one on my list is John Green, whose books and vlogs (with his awesome brother, Hank) I adore.

The other two are Markus Zusak and Erin Morgenstern (although she's only written one book. I'm pretty sure the reasons are self-explanatory!

Who are your auto-buy authors?


barmybex said...

I would definitely put Erin Morgenstern on my list!

I also have:
-Derek Landy
-Rachel Caine
-Suzanne Collins
-Christopher Paolini
-J.K. Rowling
- probably some others but there are escaping me right now. :D

Annette said...

Anne Brashares, Jodi Picoult, Maggie Stiefvater, and others that I can't think of right now!

We Heart YA said...

Our list is pretty short right now:

Stephanie Perkins
Laini Taylor
Gayle Forman

John Green is an auto-read but not an auto-buy. We have a lot more of those...

Katie DeKoster said...

Good question! I almost NEVER buy books. Only auto-buy author: Jodi Picoult. I adore her. The only other books that I HAD to buy were THG trilogy and the Chaos Walking trilogy.

Anonymous said...

I'm something of a compulsive book buyer but the authors I would buy without even needing to read the synopsis include

John Green
Libba Bray
Stephen Chbosky

fakesteph said...

Oh man, I love John Green, too. My other auto-buys are: Ally Carter, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Holly Black, Megan McCafferty, and Maureen Johnson. They all write such different books, but they have such unique voices that I am never disappointed with anything they've written.


fakesteph said...

OH, and Stephanie Perkins. I forgot her.. :( But she's amazing.

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