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The Wednesdays: Review

Title: The Wednesdays
Author: Julie Bourbeau
Release Date: August 2012
Published By: Random House
Pages: 256
Goodreads Rating: 3.76 stars

Review: Max's village is perfectly normal every day of the week... except for Wednesday. For just this day, anything and everything will go wrong to the point that the townspeople see no choice but to lock the doors and windows and hide away. But Max is fed up of being bored inside and one day breaks every rule when he ventures outside in search of the cause. What he finds is so dastardly and frightening that it changes the way he views everything - and even changes him.

THE WEDNESDAYS is a prime example of the kind of middle grade fiction I like, with its intriguing premise and sweet protagonist. The plot is compelling enough to pull in even the oldest reader with the absolute perfect mix of mystery, horror, and fun to keep everyone on their toes without scaring anyone away. This fantastic storyline is accompanied with a wonderful main character; Max is strong, inquisitive, and, despite his bold streak, has a vulnerability that allows everyone to relate to him.

If I had to sum up this book in one word, it would be "charming". Sprinkled throughout the narration are little amusing tidbits, such as a dog who chases the Wednesdays, and is called Thursday because he "comes after Wednesdays". Phrases and quirks like these abound and are sure to delight anyone regardless of age, and in particular make for wonderful out-loud reading.

The one aspect that I disliked came with the rest of the cast of characters. While Max was well-developed and an interesting character overall, the secondary characters had very little personality and came across as flat and two-dimensional. They seemed to just be summed up with a description and followed that to the letter for the rest of the novel.

All in all, THE WEDNESDAYS is a truly charming middle grade novel that's not just for the young ones. I wish the minor characters had more developed personalities, but I still enjoyed the story. From the fascinating plot to the courageous and relatable protagonist, with delightful quirks scattered along the way, Julie Borbeau delivers a compelling book that can be enjoyed by truly everyone.


Katie DeKoster said...

Sounds like a fun read! "Thursday" made me laugh :)

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