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Recently I've been participating in quite a few blog tours hosted by the lovely Teen {Book} Scene and really enjoying them. I've always thought blog tours are quite fun with a good variety of different types of posts (author and character interviews, guests posts, reviews, etc.), and I was wondering what all of you think about the effectiveness of blog tours as publicity.

When I see blog tours occurring, I don't ever really make a point to follow the whole tour, but I do take note of the ones that pop up in my feed. Even though I won't usually read through every interview/guest post unless they're particularly entertaining, I do think it raises my awareness of the book quite a bit just through having it everywhere, and if I see several positive reviews, I most likely will end up with the book on my to-read list.

So yes, I'd say for me, blog tours are generally an effective way of raising publicity, especially if a lot of blogs I follow are participating. What do you think?


Annette said...

I do think tours are effective, just because you see the book title and cover over and over. However, I'm like you. I don't really read much of the "other" stuff besides the review. I will read author interviews, if they ask questions about the book or the writing process. I usually don't care what their favorite ice cream is...

We Heart YA said...

LOL to Annette's comment.

To be honest, we are not certain how we feel about or how effective blog tours are. If the goal is just to get us to see the same cover over and over, then they work. But the truth is, when we do see the same cover over and over, we tend to gloss over it. Our suspicion is that it would be more effective for a blog tour to take place over a longer period of time, spread out both before and after the book's release date. That way you're getting consistent, repeated exposure, but it's not in one short intense burst.

That's just our guess though.

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