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Cover Comparison: The Adoration of Jenna Fox

I, well, adore the Adoration of Jenna Fox, so I decided to do a cover comparison for the all the foreign covers.

So here we have the US hardcover and paperback copies. I love the hardcover, with the gorgeous - and meaningful - butterfly and the nice deep blue/green color scheme. The only quibble I have with it is that it looks like a contemporary novel.

The paperback is very neat as well, with some awesome blood glowing and puzzle pieces that give great hints towards what the book is about. It's also unabashedly science fiction, which I appreciate.

These are the Australian and Catalan covers respectively. I like the tag line on the Australian cover and the typography with the title, but the girl just looks plain creepy. This seems more horror than anything else.

I like the butterfly on the hand on the Catalan cover, but I'm not so sure about the weird blurry background and the choice in font. The cover design has a lot of potential because the concept's cool, but I don't feel it was executed very well.

On the left, we have the Chinese cover (obviously), which is... interesting. I like the fading and blurring on the right, as well as the wintery background, but the model feels off and her eye make-up is, frankly, frightening.

On the right is the Dutch cover, which is awesome. The image is simple yet stark, and though I tend to not like cursive fonts for books like these, I think it works well here. The little blue butterflies are a nice touch to this striking cover.

These are the Finnish and French covers. The Finnish cover is interesting with the rather scary butterfly (or is that just my phobia talking?), and I wonder why they chose to go with a yellow one when everyone else went blue (it's not a bad thing, I'm just curious). However, this looks too much like it belongs on a contemporary book.

The French one is way cool. I adore the creepy ascending butterflies coming out of the girl's head, and this cover absolutely screams "science fiction". It has a bit of an old feel, and isn't really something I think I would normally like, but for some reason I find it very appealing.

So all in all, my two favorite covers are the French one and the Dutch one. If I absolutely had to choose, I think I would go with the French because it's more original, but both are eye-catching and beautiful.

Which one's your favorite?


Gracie said...

Ooh, the French one is pretty cool. I love these cover comparisons you do... where do you find all these cover pictures??

Izzy G. said...

Thanks :) They're really fun to do! I usually get the cover pictures from just Google image-searching "[book title] foreign covers", but they can be really hard to find sometimes.

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