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In My Mailbox is a meme from the Story Siren, which is not a siren that tells stories, but an awesome blog. Or perhaps the blog owner is herself a siren that tells stories. Or maybe I'll just get on with the post.

I didn't have a particularly exciting week in terms of books. But here we go!


 Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Someone's going to shoot me for saying this, but I didn't tear the box open in a frenzy because I'm not that into Hunger Games. I mean, I definitely like the series and I was excited to win this, but honestly, if I hadn't won it, I probably would have just waited a couple months to get it from the library or just not read it at all. WAIT PUT THAT GUN DOWN I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE. Still, I was happy to hold the book. I'm obsessed with the color blue, and this cover has, like, the MOST PERFECT SHADE EVER.


Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson. I actually have no idea what this book is or what it's about, but it was on my Goodreads TBR list, so I got it anyway. It looks interesting, though. It seems like a romantic comedy, probably with a psych major who's always analyzing other people or whatever. She probably meets a guy who had some trauma in his life, like a dead father or something, and then she falls in love and learns you can't always use science to determine love or something. Doesn't it just seem like that? I'm too lazy to actually find the summary.

Skip Beat Volume 4 by Yoshiki Nakamura. I've been waiting forever for this one. I think I got Volume 3 like six hundred years ago, or something like that. I like this series - good, fun, light read! It's a little confusing at times with, like, the layout and such, because it's the first manga I've read and so sometimes I would read the boxes in random order and then try to piece together what happened. I'm getting better, though! And oh my God, I love the little girl. (I'd say her name, but seriously, I don't remember ANYONE's name except for Kyoko and Ren and Sho[taro]. It's been so long D:)

After School Nightmare Volume 6 by Setona Mizushiro. I love this series so much. It's great for a beginning manga-reader because all the boxes in the layout and such are nice and easy to work through. I rarely get confused in this one. Some people get put off this one because of the concept (main character has the upper body of a male and the lower body of the female) and they think it'll be somewhat repulsive, but it's NOT! I wish I could explain exactly why this is so (I sort of peeked at the Wikipedia page and got spoilers :[ ), but I'm not going to spoil it for anyone. Seriously, it is SO WORTH IT.

After School Nightmare Volume 7 by Setona Mizushiro. It's a miracle! I got two volumes of ASN in one week! (My library's usually really slow.) I love this volume because you learn soooo much about Sou. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I love Sou! And there's a much younger Sou on the cover! Isn't he cute? But oh my God, poor Sou. I mean, hot guys who are as sweet as they are passionate with the additional plus of a dark (and okay, fine, repulsive) past? Oh yes.

Read in library but not checked out:

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. Okay, so... this is officially one of my favorite books. I read this in about thirty-five minutes, and I was totally engrossed. I'll save the raving for the review, but let me just say this: I was sitting next to a scary lady who was bleeding on me (you read that right) and muttering under her breath about those damn liberals, and I completely forgot about her while I was reading this book.

What's in your mailbox?


Alexia561 said...

Great mailbox! Love you becoming so involved in reading Living Dead Girl that you forgot about the crazy, bleeding lady sitting next to you! Now that's a sign of a great book! *L*

Izzy said...

Alexia - Haha, thanks xD *wipes some blood off arm*

Candace said...

Okay, so I wasn't a follower of your blog (apparently I somehow never found it *gasp*) but I remedied that immediately after I read what your said about HG. I love the HG's but what and how you said what you said was great! I mean, I've had a rough morning and you just put the first smile of the day on my face. Though I should be one with a gun to you because I LOVE the HG's! But I'll let you live. This time.
Oh! And Living Dead Girl. Seems like I heard some good things about it in the past but now I want it like RIGHT NOW, thanks a lot! Like I need more books to my READ RIGHT NOW pile.

Izzy said...

Candace - lol, I'm glad you like what I said about HG! Now, let's put the gun down... slowly... easy does it... :P And haha, I know what you mean about READ RIGHT NOW piles - mine is basically overflowing. I think Living Dead Girl was something like 30000000th on the list, but I saw it and the selection was small, so I figured, "Ah, what the heck?"

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