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Ready to DUFF and Roll?

Yeah, that was so creative, wasn't it? That was the pinnacle of creativity. Well, you can DUFF and roll by entering here (although, you know, if you really loved me, you wouldn't enter because - hey! what do you mean you don't love me?) and possibly win a finished copy of (yes! you guessed it!) THE DUFF.

I want this book so badly. You see, if I don't win this giveaway, because of my unfortunate lack of money, I'd have to get it from the library. However! The library budget got slashed-slashed-slashed, and then unslashed-unslashed (tons of emails and letters were sent to the governor, which was a huge relief, because they were planning on not letting people reserve books from other libraries in the counties and have those books transported to the local library for pick-up). This still leaves one "slashed", unfortunately.

Because of the popularity and acclaim surrounding THE DUFF, I don't doubt the library would eventually buy it, but then you have to take waiting lists into account, and also the fact that you can't do that book-reserving thing until about a MONTH after the library buys it. Which means I won't be able to read THE DUFF until October if I'm super-lucky, but probably November or December.


So I need to win.


Summer Ross said...

I wish you the best luck being the winner of the contest!

Izzy said...

Thanks :)

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