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Would You Rather...

I have a question for you. Yes, you, the person who is reading this blog post and plans on not commenting. And yes, I also know you are there because I have added a brand new view counter to the bottom of this page and I'm using Google Analytics. There are people from wild and foreign places reading this, places like Mars and Antarctica and Canada.

I was playing Would You Rather with a four-year-old (please don't ask why I was trapped with a four-year-old for several long hours because it involves really bad elevators and really good cookies) and while this question didn't come up, it came to me later.

Would you rather

(a) have your books write themselves without any input or effort from you and go on to be more famous than Harry Potter but you will never, ever, ever be able to write another word for fun again (so you can make shopping lists but you can't write things for the sake of writing)


(b) be able to write as much as you want (although you still have to work and take care of kids if you have any and sleep and the like) but never, ever, ever be able to have a single word published?

I am sorely tempted to say (a), but no matter how much I complain about how hard writing is and how annoying it is to stick to a schedule, I think I would die if I couldn't write for fun ever again. Like, my lungs would explode and my heart would shrivel up (some would say it already has) and my eyes would spontaneously combust and my skin would turn black and my hair would fall out.

What about you? If you had to make the choice, what would you choose?


Arianna said...

I would much rather choose B. I don't consider myself a good writer anyway, but not being able to write would just... ugh. I would hate that. I like writing (even though I complain about it a lot, too) and it just wouldn't be fun not to be able to.

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