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Recreate Cover Contest: The Emerald Talisman

Over at La Femme Readers, they're holding a recreate cover contest for The Emerald Talisman. This is my first time participating in a contest like this! I actually used to be pretty good with graphics and I made logos and things like that, but then I got involved with other things like... umm... WRITING. Anyway, I basically forgot anything I ever learned, so what I made is something the me-from-several-years-ago would scoff at. Yay!

This is the original cover:

Pretty, huh? Here's mine:

Less pretty and wildly disproportionate. Well, tell me what you think! :) And if you participated in this contest, leave a link to your cover!


Anonymous 1 said...

Although I don't really know what the Emerald Talisman is about, I'm guessing it has something to do with an Emerald Talisman (and it's probably something significant too!) I like your cover, but I wouldn't be able to guess by looking at your cover that the book title would be [u]The Emerald Talisman[/u]. Hope this helped!


Izzy said...

Hey Aaron :)

Yeah, I agree with what you said. I was looking for something that would be different from just an emerald talisman on the front, or at least something like an emerald talisman on someone's neck, but I couldn't find anything good o.O In the end, I just took an emerald-y girl and added stuff.

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