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Embarrassing Book Covers

We've all been there: you found the most amazing book to read but unfortunately, its cover is horribly embarrassing, and you're afraid to take it out in public. Well, never fear! Below is a list of ways I've compiled to combat this terrible syndrome known as What-Were-the-Cover-Designers-Thinking-itis.

1. Book to Thigh. So say you're on the subway or the bus or just sitting down somewhere with a lot of people, and you don't want anyone to see that cover. The solution's simple - splay the book open on your thighs so that they can only see the text on the pages instead of any cover peeks. I mean, sure, you'll look like you suddenly developed kyphosis while reading and maybe your neck and back will be in permanent pain after about fifteen minutes, but hey! No one will ever know what book you were reading.

2. The Artful Hand. But maybe you don't want to permanently injure your spine. You can always hold the book up like you usually would, and simply press one palm against the most embarrassing aspect of the cover. Sure, you might look a bit odd and people will probably give you stranger looks than you would have gotten otherwise, but at least not a single person will see that girl and boy making out on the front of your book.

3. The Paper Bag. This is, of course, the best solution of the three. Simply place a paper bag over your head, cut slits for your eyes, and read normally. The people around you might be silently judging, but since your face will be covered, they'll never know it's you. You can read in peace, except for the part where, y'know, you have a paper bag on your head.

So what are your thoughts on humiliating covers and methods to hide them?


We Heart YA said...

We definitely do #1 and #2. Also, if it's a hardcover, we just take the jacket off. (Safer for the jacket that way too!) Kristan has a Kindle, and she loves that no one can see what she's reading -- even though she loves to peer over people's shoulders to try to see what THEY'RE reading, lol.

Stormi said...

I guess I don't care much what people think, I have been laughed at by my peers at work for reading.."How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper" They read the tittle and all sorts of converstions errupt..LOL Oh well, then again I guess that is what ebooks are really good for, hiding covers, you can read anything but they will never know what the cover looks like. :)

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