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Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood: Review

Title: Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
Author: Eileen Cook
Release Date: January 2010
Published By: Simon Pulse
Pages: 224
Goodreads Rating: 3.85 stars

Review: At the end of eighth grade, Lauren Wood decided to ditch Helen to be popular by embarrassing her so much that she moved to a different town. It was worth it, though, because Lauren ended up as the most popular senior and soon forgot all about her ex-best friend. But Helen remembered. And she's back now, with a different look, a different name, and a plan. Because she's back for revenge, and she'll do anything to take Lauren down... starting with her boyfriend.

GETTING REVENGE ON LAUREN WOOD was told with a strong voice that lent it an un-put-down-able quality that had me flipping pages quickly. It's a fast-paced read that you can get through in just one or two sittings without any problem, and the story goes down easily. This makes it the perfect book to kick back and relax with to devour whether you're tanning at the beach or curled up in your favorite comfy chair.

However, there were a few aspects with the plot that I didn't enjoy as much. One part that really bothered me was actually the basis for the story: the fact that Helen was obsessed with avenging her humiliation. While what Lauren did to her was definitely cruel, I didn't think it really warranted moving away nor still holding a festering grudge after four years. I feel like her anger would be more justified if Lauren had done something much worse than just making some people upset with her for a couple weeks.

Another thing I didn't really like that much was the ending. I felt like it ended rather abruptly without much in the way of plot resolution and didn't really deal that well with what happens to Lauren and Helen. All the way up to the end I was hoping that the book would get more fun because the synopsis sounded so Mean Girls-esque and exciting, but it felt much more passive than it could have been, and the ending was similarly lackluster.

This book still remains an excellent read to decompress with, and you can easily swallow the story all at once without a lot of thinking, making it a great guilty pleasure. I did wish that Helen's obsession for revenge was more proportionate to Lauren's crime, and that the book did a better job plot-wise. Other than that, I enjoyed GETTING REVENGE ON LAUREN WOOD quite a bit and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading books about cliques and popular girls.


Steph said...

Nice review. This book sounds sooo juicy. I might pick it up but I might have the same problems that you had and not enjoy it..

Cozy in Texas said...

Thanks for the review. I hate abrupt endings. It seems that the author got bored with the story or had an approaching deadline.

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