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Problems with Blogger

I've been wondering if you guys have been experiencing problems with Blogger. I love its new layout and how pretty, shiny, simple, and clean it is, but I feel like every three seconds I get a page that says "Service Unavailable", whether it be while I'm trying to post a comment, write a post, or check my blog. I also have a case of the Missing Followers Widget, which is very frustrating because it means others can't follow me and I can't easily see how many I have.

I tried googling this but to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing these problems?


barmybex said...

What web browser are you using? I tried to log on at work in my lunchbreak using Internet Explorer and it wouldn't work properly - had similar errors to you. But at home on my Firefox it's fine.
Although two nights ago blogger did seem to go down completely - wouldn't load anything. But seemed to be fixed for me the next day.
Hope you get it sorted.

Izzy G. said...

Ah, really? It was fine when I used Internet Explorer and went wonky when I started using Firefox. For now, though, it seems to be mostly all right.

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