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Cover Love (7)

This week, my pick is...

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook. Seriously, how can you not love this cover? Every aspect of this cover is awesome. First, there's the fact that the design team wasn't afraid to get fun with the bold covers. The bright yellow background contrasted with the green grass and tag line definitely grabs your attention.

Of course, even more noticeable is the focus of the cover, the doll. As this is a book about getting revenge on a mean, popular girl, it's quite fitting that a "perfect" Barbie doll was chosen to represent her, complete with the "ideal" blonde hair and wide blue eyes. However, the doll also represents how lifeless she is, considering, you know, that she has a knife in her back (which is also a definite attention-grabber!). The positioning of the doll is good because your eye naturally follows the title, to the tag line, and then to the doll and author name.

The fonts chosen are rather notable as well. A fancy script is used for most of the title, which again goes with the theme of the perfect popular girl, but then that bright pink "REVENGE" flashes up. It's a strong font, which works because it's a strong word, and then the color gives it some flair. The font used for the author name was good because it didn't detract from the rest of the cover (author names that take up half the book are my pet peeve) but is a decent, legible font.

If I had to make one criticism, I would say that the cover would do just fine without the tag line. It doesn't say anything that the title and image don't imply, and I'm not a fan of that green directly on the yellow.

What do you think of this cover? Have you read the book, and if so, does the cover work with the story?


Anonymous said...

This cover is great. I read the book and I think it really conveys the idea of the mean, popular girl being very Barbie-like. It's funny at first sight but while reading the book you get to actually see the serious side of it.

Bethany said...

It reminds me of Pretty Little Liars. That was why I first noticed the book :)

Jordyn said...

The cover does work with the story and it's a GREAT book. I really love the cover but I showed it to my sister and she wasn't as thrilled with it (because they're killing Barbie, lol). The cover is kind of funny and evil but the book is a bit more serious, though it's the same basic idea and feeling.

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