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Doing the Impossible

In my Design class, I'm well-known for doing the impossible.

This is not always a good thing.

We use a program called Autodesk Inventor to model and design stuff, which is interesting and all, but there's just one little problem: I suck. No matter how many tutorials I go through, or how many exercises I do, I just can't make the program do what I want it to.

My partner for a big project we have to do is, on the other hand, quite good at it and often helps me out when I do something funky. So one day, I was twiddling around with the guitar we were making when it suddenly shattered into a billion pieces.

Which is not supposed to happen.

I tapped my partner on the arm. "Um, I think I broke it."

He glanced up, brow furrowed. "That's impossible.  You can't break it in assembly mode." Then he leaned over to look at my screen, sat back, and glumly looked at his hands.

"Well?" I asked.

"You broke it."

I raised my hand and the teacher came over. "What's the problem?"

"I broke the guitar," I said, pointing to the screen.

My teacher shook his head. "That's not even..." His words died away as he gaped at my computer. "How did you... you can't... that's not... I..." Shaking his head again in disbelief, he turned and walked away, muttering to himself.

My skills defy explanation.


Melody said...

Your skills are absolutely epic. :) Don't worry, Spiderman's were slightly embarrassing, too, until he used them to save the world, hehe. ;)

Izzy G. said...

Haha, maybe I can save the world too!

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