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Priscilla the Great: Review

Title: Priscilla the Great
Author: Sybil Nelson
Release Date: April 2011
Published By: Little Prince Publishing
Pages: 309
Goodreads Rating: 4.24 stars

Review: Seventh-grader Priscilla Sumner has to deal with more than just the typical trials of middle school. In addition to pimples and bullies, she needs to use her extraordinary gifts to defeat genetically enhanced assassins who want to kill her and her family, and destroy the evil Selliwood Institute. But that's not all - she must also work out the secrets her entire family has been hiding from her, and what she finds out changes everything.

One of the best aspects of PRISCILLA THE GREAT were the characters. The book had a rich, colorful cast, each person with his or her own perfectly developed personality. My favorite character was Priscilla, because she was such a spunky, kick-butt protagonist that I had a blast reading about her. Her voice was fresh and pulled me right in from the very start, with her hilarious wise-cracks and sarcastic tendencies, but also with how very real and feeling she could be.

Though I found this book to be fun, the plot definitely had a fast pace and there was a lot of action. Behind the witty narration, the story was suspenseful and kept me flipping pages (or rather, clicking through them on my Kindle!) to see what would happen next. Sometimes cliffhanger endings really annoy me, but I felt like it worked well with this book, and I definitely now want to read the next book.

This is an awesome and fun middle grade read that anyone can enjoy! From the richly developed characters to the epic action, PRISCILLA THE GREAT holds your attention from beginning to end. Even without the cliffhanger ending, I would still want to read the next book. These books felt a bit on the young side to me, but I think people of all ages could have fun reading this. I recommend it to anyone who wants a funny yet action-packed read!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. This is no way affected my review or opinion of this book.


Kaity said...

Great review :) I don't read many middle grade books anymore because I just don't have the time, but I think I'll have to read this one over the summer. Sounds like a really cute book.

Kaity - Bitten Books

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Oh, this looks so good! I really, really want to read it!
Brilliant review!

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