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The Karma Club: Review

Title: The Karma Club
Author: Jessica Brody
Release Date: April 2010
Published By: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Pages: 272
Goodreads Rating: 3.77 stars

Review: Maddy is furious and hurt when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, and even more upset when he not only has no remorse for it, but nothing bad happens to him. She always thought Karma would get back at people who do bad things, and yet he seems perfectly happy with his new girlfriend. That's when Maddy decides to take things into her own hands when she and her friends start the Karma Club to get back at the boys who wronged them. The only problem? Karma's got its own ideas.

This book is exactly what it sounds like - a cute and fun book for anyone looking for the perfect read to relax with. I enjoyed reading about Maddy's wild plans of revenge, not only for her own ex-boyfriend but those of her friends. Some were just so wickedly mischievous that I had no choice but to smile, and it was even more fun to read about them being carried out.

Of course, the characters weren't exactly perfect, especially given the way they were trying to exact revenge. THE KARMA CLUB could be a bit predictable with the overused plot device of the characters who act mean to get back at mean people and then come to an epiphany that they shouldn't act mean because that makes them as bad as the original people, et cetera. I see this so much in books that I find myself getting rather tired of it, and that's the main thing that bothered me about the book.

Other than that, this was a light, fun book that I had a good time reading. The ending was perfect and uplifting, leaving readers on a positive note about karmic balance and "paying it forward". THE KARMA CLUB explores a myriad of great themes that are sure to inspire some thought in addition to enjoyment. Though I found this book to be a tad predictable, it remains a cute read that anyone could enjoy.


Lamia (The Book Eater) said...

Great review!
I'm getting tired of this plot as well. God knows I saw it enough in movies.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Great review. It made me smile when you described the predictable plot.

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