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All Things Asian Sign-Up

Julia from That Hapa Chick, Lucia from iLive iLaugh iLove Books, and I have planned an exciting event to celebrate Asian heritage in books! If you're an Asian blogger, Asian author, author who has written a book with Asian characters, or even just someone of any ethnicity who thinks diversity is important, we invite you to sign up to celebrate this two week long event!

You can do guest posts, reviews, giveaways, anything you can think of. If you're interested, fill out this form below and we'll send you more information!


We Heart YA said...

Yay! Kristan (a halfie) is planning to participate on behalf of We Heart YA. Can't wait to see who else signs up!

Julia :) said...

YAY!!!! :D

Oh and Izzy I tagged you on my blog today! Check it out here.

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