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Cover Comparison: Pandemonium

I noticed that there's a new cover of Pandemonium lurking about in the blogosphere, so even though I haven't read Pandemonium yet (though I loved Delirium), I decided to do a cover comparison of that with the original.

On the left is the US cover, and while I do like the color scheme, I don't feel like it quite works for me. I'm not a huge fan of the half-face phenomenon, and the weird shaped leaves surrounding her are odd. It also sort of looks like she has no neck and no body which is a bit disturbing.

The UK cover is on the right and oh my gosh, I love it. It's so surreal and beautiful and almost nostalgic, in a way. Just looking at it with its gorgeous colors stirs up emotions, and I adore the way the girl is portrayed. She looks raggedy and a little lost, which is a great contrast both to the lovely scene and the numerous YA books that have girls on the run while somehow wearing elegant dresses.

So as you can tell, the UK cover is the clear winner for me. Which one do you like better?


barmybex said...

OMG the UK cover is gorgeous. I'm glad I'm in the UK, the US cover didn't appeal to me at all, the half face thing creeps me out a bit. Especially the way she is staring, but the UK one is beautiful. :D

Katie Edwards said...

I wonder why they keep changing the design style - the US cover is closer in style to the UK paperback (and neither are like the hardback edition.) I do like the UK cover better, but I like to have a matching set.

Julia :) said...

Haha I find it ironic that you and I posted the same exact cover comparison this weekend. #Awkward (oh and I don't really know if you are borrowing this idea from me or not but I would really appreciate it if you credited me for starting it. :P)

Izzy G. said...

Haha Julia, what a coincidence! I wrote this post sometime earlier last week, and I was definitely surprised to see that the Pandemonium cover caught your attention too. Haha, I actually started doing cover comparisons a while back when I was inspired by some blogs I saw doing it :)

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